Luke Sutherland

The everyday chef.

The guy who like every other chef out there, has served more eggs and bacon and lost more fingerprints on flat tops than he's drawn breaths.

The guy who, like most chefs, knows what it's like to have ''forgotten'' to be sensible enough to sleep the recommended 8 hours before that 18 hour shift.... **cough**

The guy, who like most chefs, can serve 10 million dishes in 5 gazillion degree heat, and still dance to the songs on the radio with 'that' trademark tea-towel dance....

Luke is all about bringing light to the reality of the hospitality industry.  Let's face it.  We all know that **real** chefing is not like the world see's it on reality TV.

WE all know that there is more to the pin-stripe, 'big tough persona' that the world see's. We love it.  It's an addiction

But it comes with it's passions, it's darkness, it's.... well, everything else, right?

Let's get real shall we?....

Luke Sutherland is the upcoming Author of  'Chefology';

Winner of the 'Great Chef of Broome' competition;

19 years in the hospitality industry, restaurant owner and qualified chef.

Luke Sutherland
Luke Sutherland

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